We left Lagos, Nigeria by a 5.40pm flight for Abuja to spend some time with our children in Abuja. This was a great re-union. 
On Sunday, we took off to Yola at 6.52pm, got there at 7.57pm and finally settled down at the Federal University of Technology Guest House, Yola around 10.00pm.

Day 1. 8th Oct, 2018                                                                                                                        The Discipleship & Leadership Program was held at Wisdom Chapel, Federal Housing Estate phase 1, Girei LGA, Yola, Adamawa State. Rev Daniel Tumba Sylvester was our host Pastor.

The meeting started at 9.00am prompt. The praise and worship went on for 25mins followed by prayers by Sis Alheri. Our beloved sister Eniola Adebulugbe, a disciple from Maiduguri, Borno State also rendered a beautiful song she specially composed for the discipleship program which became the program Anthem. 

Teaching started with Introduction to discipleship by Rev Azuka Gbogboade. She focused on what is discipleship and who is a disciple. 
At 9.45, Dr Wole Gbogboade took his first teaching on The Great Commission. His focus was on Matt. 28: 18 – 20.
Rev Azuka Gbogboade then took the next teaching on the Church that multiples at 10.30am. 
Dr Wole Gbogboade rounded up the day’s discipleship teaching on Jesus Pattern of Making Disciples at 11.45pm. 
Rev Sylvester Tumba took the question & Answer session. Questions were asked and answers were given to the satisfaction of participants. Then, the host pastor said the closing prayers at 1.00pm

Evening service
The Esthers Arise interdenominational intercessory program took off at 4pm with both men as women leaders on The New Threshing Instrument (Isa 41: 8- 20)
Sister Eniola Adebulugbe also rendered a beautiful specially prepared song, an  Anthem for the Esthers’ Arise program. 
The first teaching was taken by Dr Wole Gbogboade on the New Threshing Instrument while the second message was taken by Rev Azuka Gbogboade on the same topic focusing on the text. 
We both encouraged and challenged the brethren to press on, and 
Fear not, that they will be strengthened and helped by the Lord.

They will be delivered by Him. Equipped and made into a Sharp threshing instrument with sharp teeth, Mountain & hill destroyers.
They will be empowered, made His battle axe Jer. 51: 20 – 23. 
He will provide for them and assure them of His help & what He has done. 
The meeting ended with prayers and ministry to the participants. 

Day 2. 9th Oct. 2018

The Discipleship & Leadership meeting started with Prayers, Praise and worship at 9.00am. The teachings focused was on How to Study the Bible and Kingdom prayer pattern.

The first teaching was taken by Dr Wole Gbogboade on the Purpose of the bible at 9.30am. This was followed by a look at the Books of Bible by Rev Azuka Gbogboade at 10.15am.

The 3rd teaching was taken by Dr Wole Gbogboade on the Word of God at 11 am while the last teaching for the day on discipleship was on Kingdom Pattern of Prayers taken by Rev Azuka Gbogboade. All the participants received free copy of Dr Wole Gbogboade’s new book titled, Inspirational Words for Successful Living. All participants in both morning and evening program were happy to receive the book

At 12.45, we had a short session of question and answer by Rev Tumba since we had to prepare for the visit to the IDP camp in Damare.

Visit to the IDP camp in Damare, Yola                                                                                      During our break time, we left for the IDP camp in Damare, located at about 15 kilometers from Yola at 1.15pm. The journey took about 30 mins because of the bad and bumpy road.

This camp consists of 136 households, a mixture of people from Gwoza, Madagali, Michika and Shiwa tribes from Borno and Adamawa States. They were people displaced as a result of Boko Haram insurgency. They had survived many gruesome attacks with many orphans, some lost their fathers and mothers while many women lost their husbands. They all became refugees in their fatherland, Nigeria as a result.

They and their children were rehabilitated by the Nigerian Govt here in prefabricated structures built by the United Nations.

Half of them are Christians while the remaining half are Moslems. Their pressing needs are food, clothing & footwear.

We gave them 10 huge bags of maize and guinea corn, some cartons of noodles and biscuits for the children. We also gave them 3 bags of rubber slippers.

We understand that they only eat a meal a day, this is why they prefer maize, which is more filling than rice or beans.

The children and some of the parents welcomed us with high praises to the Lord Jesus. We all sang to the glory of God and rejoiced in His presence. They were in high spirit despite their condition ironically. With many children walking barefooted and poor clothing in very hot weather.

We shared the word with them                                                                                                        Dr Wole Gbogboade shared on the topic: The Bread of Life. Text was taken from Rev 1: 9

He told them that they should not lose faith in God despite their condition. As Christians, we have hope in Christ and His eternal reward. The family of God is the best family. Jesus sent us from Lagos to encourage them to hold on to Him. Jesus, The Lord was also sent to us because of God’s love. (John 3: 16).

He told them that Jesus will give them success and eternal life and that He is Our everything. They should not be deceived.

Rev Azuka Gbogboade told them that Jesus loves them and that He is always with them. She told them to hold on to Jesus, He will provide for them, He will not fail them. She also said that their life is secured in Christ, they should hold on to their faith in Christ.

She also encouraged the parents not to lose heart, they should not be discouraged and that the Lord will settle them in their homes soon. She then prayed for them.

Dr Wole Gbogboade then shared the gospel and made an alter call. Many of these children and some of the parents gave their lives to Christ. 

We took a group picture with the Christians in the Camp. They have a Camp pastor who runs a church on the campground, Pastor Daniel Yakubu of Deeper Life Bible Church.

We came back to Wisdom Chapel at 3.58pm for the Esthers’ Arise evening program.

The evening program:

The 2nd day of Esthers Arise interdenominational intercessory program took off immediately we came back from the IDP Camp. It started with prayers, praises and worship.

We all thanked the Lord for the success of our visit to the camp and we prayed for the people.

Dr Wole Gbogboade took the first teaching during this session on the Importance and work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Believer. He took his text from John 14: 18-23 (NLT)

The second teaching was taken by Rev Azuka Gbogboade on How to develop a good and strong Prayer life. The text was taken from Isa 35.

We both prayed for them and charged them to serve the Lord more and to retain a healthy prayer and bible study lifestyle as warriors of Christ.

10th Oct, 2018. Day 3

The last day teachings of this Discipleship program in Yola started at 9.00am with prayers, praises and worship.

The focus of the day’s teaching was on Leadership and Family life. However, more work was done on Bible study methods and the characteristics of a true disciple.

The first teaching of the day was taken by Rev Azuka Gbogboade on Modelling Christ as a leader. The text was taken from Eph. 5: 1 – 18. She later left for the airport after this teaching because she needed to be in Lagos for another 2-day Women Conference. She prayed for the participants before she left for Lagos.

The 2nd teaching on the Bible study methods was taken by Dr Wole Gbogboade at 10.00am. This was followed by 2 teachings on the Characteristics of a true Disciple and the Family life of the leader also taken by him.

Rev Daniel Tumba Sylvester took the question & Answer session.

Dr Wole Gbogboade gave the charge to the participants that they should also go and make disciples as they live for Christ. (2Tim 2: 2) and he prayed for them.

Pictures were also taken and a copy of the Discipleship manual was given to each participant.                                                                                                                                            The participants for the programs were about 60 people from 12 churches.

THANKS                                                                                                                                        Thank God for Rev Tumba Sylvester of Wisdom Chapel International, our host and his able and amiable wife Pastor Leah Tumba for their wonderful hospitality. We also thank God for their General Overseer in Jos, Plateau State for opening their Church to host the program.

We also thank God for Sister Eniola Adegbulugbe, a disciple in Maiduguri, Borno State who connected us to the body of Christ in Yola, Adamawa State as Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) especially Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) in Adamawa State helped to mobilize Churches for the program.                                                                                May the fruits abide to His glory in Jesus name, Amen.


1-  Success Onyebuchi, Yola
I attended the three days discipleship training in Yola wisdom Chapel.                                    5yrs ago, I heard a message that darkened my mind on pleading the blood, so for the past 5yrs I have not been pleading the blood of Jesus when I pray to the extent of stopping my wife from pleading the blood too, but after the teaching on the kingdom prayer pattern, after several questions and clarifications, I broke out of that bondage, and now I feel enlightened and I began to see the hidden mysteries of the blood of Jesus; Praise the Lord!!!                                                      Also I have been battling with anger, anxiety and unnecessary worries, God corrected all that too through the Holy Spirit after praying for my soul in the pattern Rev. Mrs. Azuka Gbogboade taught us. I am so grateful to God for this program, I feel it was meant for me alone.

 2-     Rhoda Joseph Onyebuchi, Yola                                                                                                During the 3 days discipleship training course, I learnt how to pray effectively, it easier for me to pray now.                                                                                                                                Also, studying the Bible becomes more interesting for me now, as my understanding is enlightened. Praise God!                                                                                                                      More so, I thank God for delivering me and my husband from the bondage of not pleading the blood at the course of the training. Praise be the Lord!!!

3-      Esther Jepson Mrs, Yola                                                                                                            I saw brokenness and humility in the lives of Dr and Mrs Wole, they are what they preach, they present and teach Bible truth in a very firm, simple and loving manner. They open up the truth for you to see, make you realize that it is very possible for you to live a disciplined Christian life. I learnt from them that I am a disciple and my Chief purpose here on earth is to disciple others. I have moved on into another level of relationship with God, because my spirit has been stirred up and I have made a resolve to be a faithful witness of the gospel.

4-     Mrs Mercy Jeff Joseph, Yola                                                                                                      I was blessed during the discipleship /Leadership training, my eyes were opened to the teachings of the Great Commission to the knowledge of the word of God with emphasis on the Bible study. I can boldly say that my coming was not in vain but God made it possible for me to be transformed by the ministry of His servant, my Prayer life was rekindled and my zeal for Bible study has been revived to the glory of God. Shalom

5-     Rev Daniel Tumba Sylvester, Yola                                                                                       The Discipleship training opened my eyes of understanding on how to make disciples and how to effectively study the Bible profitably.                                                                          Your coming and the teachings on Discipleship is so timely and is for me especially. Thanks for coming.

6-      Daniel Abdullahi, Yola                                                                                                        The discipleship training that I attended has revealed the need of what expect from me as a believer and what is needful for me to do or my responsibility in my walk with God as my Father.

The program has exposed my weakness and inability to please God in my flesh and the need for me to absolutely trust and depend on God to be a responsible Child.

Moreover the discipleship training has increased my hunger for the word of God, I now read my Bible more meaningfully from what I learnt from the Bible study and I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit speaking to me through the word of God.                                      The program has increased my meditation in the word of God which is making my fellowship with God more meaningful.

7-     Daniel Tarfa, Yola                                                                                                                        I am bless by your huge sacrifice of coming to disciple us in Yola. God bless you and your family.

8-     Pastor Ezekiel PFN State Admin Secretary, Jimeta                                                            The Discipleship program is timely and I have been so much blessed. I hope it is made  a yearly program.

9-     Prophetess Grace Yohanna, Yola                                                                                            Your teachings have really blessed me especially the teaching on the Importance of The Holy Spirit. Also, your explanation on Biblical Christian Couples’ relationship

10-  Pastor Leah Tumba, Yola                                                                                                 Thank you very much sir, it was a pleasure meeting you, We praise God for your life and ministry. Remain blessed sir 

11-  Mrs Rautha Daniel Abdullahi, Yola                                                                                         The program on discipleship in Yola has brought a great revival in my life it has exposed my limitations in doing the things that our Lord Jesus Christ commands us to do e.g the great commission, how weak my prayer life was not giving much priority to studying and meditating on the word of God. It has also revealed my weakness in living the Christ life nature. The training has broaden my understanding of giving priority to things of God, I now live by faith and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, l meditate and study the word of God with understanding following the methods of studying the Bible outlined during the training. I now submit to my husband despite his short comings. I now have great peace doing what God expect of me as a believer. My prayer life and covenant time has greatly improved                                                                                                                                                  Thank so much Sir may the Lord continue to bless you.

12-  Pastor Daniel, IDP Camp Church Pastor, Yola                                                             Your coming to share the word of God and your prayer brought encouragement to us. All the food stuff and provisions, clothes and bundles of slippers you brought to us are assurance that God answers prayer.

13-  D Wadumbiyas, (a couple) Yola                                                                                                We benefited in the area of effective prayers through the rhema word of God. Secondly, we benefitted on how to study the Bible topically for effective discipleship.


Beloved, Thanks so much for your prayers and support. God really answered your prayers. There was no insurgence nor attacks throughout our 5 days stay in that State. Also, no rain disturbed us throughout our programs from 8th-23rd, October, 2018 in this trip despite the fact that it is rainy season. Glory be to God.

Many souls were saved in Adamawa and Ogun States’ programs while many rededicated their lives to Christ in Lagos State program to the glory of God.

Also pray for open door to Sokoto and Taraba in Nigeria. Also, Zambia, Mozambique and Malawi. Of course, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Liberia, Sierra-Leone and South Sudan are asking us to return. Pray for God’s timing and provision.

Pray for abiding fruit in all the places and programs we had before.

Blessings to you and yours.

God’s servants,

Wole & Azuka Gbogboade

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