Dr Wole Gbogboade
Text: Mark 4: 1-20
Definition of parable: Using the natural that people are familiar with to explain the supernatural. Since all truths are parallel, The Lord used the natural things people know and understand to explain spiritual things in order to take men from flesh to faith realm.
Parable of the Sower:
Seed: The word of God
Soil type: The heart condition of men
Sower: Preacher of the word of God
This parable is so vital to explaining the kingdom: entry, growth and fruitfulness to the extent that The Lord said, it is important to understand this parable otherwise, no one can understand any parable of the kingdom. v. 13
Listen: The Lord first said we should listen. v. 3. It is important to listen to the word of God, be attentive, honour and appreciate it. When we are in the house of God, we must pay attention and concentrate on God’s word and avoid distraction. Eccl. 5: 1-3, 7. 1Tim. 4:14-15. Jas. 1: 22-25
The sower or farmer went about to sow the seeds on the ground or soil
1- Road side soil: v. 3-4 & 14-15
Some fell on the road side and the birds came and eat it.
Interpretation: Good word but busy heart. The seeds were easily stolen by Satan. No root, no fruit.
2- Rocky soil: v. 5 & 16-17
Others fell on rock with shallow soil. The seeds are received with excitement but because there is not enough soil, they died.
Interpretation: The heart of the people received the word with joy but, when trouble or persecution came, no stamina to resist. Then the seeds died.
3- Thorny soil: v. 7 & 18-19
The seeds fell on this soil actually germinate and sprouted because it has some soil. But, they were choked up by thorns and could not bear fruits.
Interpretation: The heart received word but because it is pre-occupied with worries, cares of this world and deceitfulness of riches, it could not bear fruit. 1Cor. 15:19
4- Good soil: v. 8 & 20
The seeds sown in good soil germinated, sprouted, grew and bore fruit. Some 30 fold, some 60 fold and others 100 fold.
Interpretation: Good heart listened, received the word with appreciation, understand the word and obey, practice, observe and do the word. These produce fruit 30 fold, 60 fold and 100 fold. Mt. 28: 19-20, Luke 6: 46-49. Ps. 1:1-3. Jas. 1: 22-25
The disciples later asked Him in the private what the parable meant. The Lord said, it was appointed unto them to know the meaning and understanding of the parable. They are blessed to be partakers of this divine inheritance which the outsider and those who lived long before were not privileged to know. It’s important to ask questions when we are taught the word of God. But for the questions that disciples especially Peter asked the Lord and He explained, we might find it quite difficult to understand the gospel.
From the Lord’s explanation of the meaning of the parable, one can now understand why He said, if you don’t know this one, how can you understand any other parable?! v.13. Really, understanding this parable will enable us to relate with parables such as, the broad gate and narrow gate; the broad way and narrow way. Many are called but few are chosen; Old wine/wine skin and new wine/wine skin. Not the food that enter through the mouth but, what comes out of the heart that defiles. How can anyone understand the parable of the wheat and the tares if this had not been explained to us? See Mark 4. Matt. 13.
Thank God for the Holy Spirit. v.10-12. John 14: 26. The Lord said,
“I am not going to forsake you like orphans. I will come back to you.” John 14:18 ISV
The Lord promised to send the Comforter, The Holy Spirit to teach and guide us into all truths even as He reveals things from the Lord to us. John 16:7, 1Cor. 2:9-10
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