13327514_1106603599394922_9074749842512192968_n.jpg“Gullible people are gifted with stupidity, but sensible people are crowned with knowledge.” Prov. 14:18 (GW)

Sound doctrine is so vital in the kingdom without which error is inevitable with its attendant carnal activities. Stand on the side of the Lord by proclaiming only the truth without compromise. BIBLE is the the ONLY BOOK and JESUS CHRIST’s teaching is the ONLY standard by which Christians should live. Deut. 6: 4-9. Josh. 1:8. John 15: 1-5. Acts 17: 28. 1Cor. 2:2. Gal. 5:24. The Bible is not subject to personal/private interpretation. Let the Bible interpret itself. Rev. 22: 18-19.
Beloved, have a great week. Blessings. ❤
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