FAITH Part 1



Dr. Wole Gbogboade

Text: Heb 11: 1-2


Faith is the foundation of our relationship with the Lord. We are saved by God’s grace through the finished work on the Cross at Calvary and by faith. Eph 2:8.  This grace brought us into the household of faith.

Therefore, we start to grow in faith as we continue to walk with God by following His word, being guided by His Holy Spirit. Our thinking and reasoning begin to line up with God’s word as the Kingdom principles begin to dictate our actions and reactions. These form our general Kingdom life pattern.  It gradually takes us away from our hitherto worldly behavioural pattern through the renewing of our mind to follow God’s word and walk in His own way. Eph. 2: 11-13, Eph 4: 17-24 (NIV).

            As we yield ourselves to the Word and the Spirit of God, our faith in Him makes us to be subject to His authority.  Instead of walking by the dictates of the flesh, we begin to walk by faith.  Heb 11:6. It is no longer all about us, it’s now all about Him. No longer worldly system pushing us to react or do things rather, it’s Kingdom principles we follow in conducting our affairs irrespective of circumstance. We are no longer moved by what they are saying about the economy of the world. Instead, we are now more concerned about the promise of God clearly spelt out for our lives in the scripture. Hence, we are not moved by what they say but, we react based upon what He says.

Unlike the Gentiles whose lives are driven by feeding, shelter, clothes and other worldly passions. We are now much more focused on the King, His Kingdom and His righteousness. Mt.6:32 – 33. Paul said, 

“If any man be in Christ (In faith), he is a new Creature, old things have passed away, behold all things are become new.” 

By the new nature in Christ, Carnality is jettisoned; spirituality is the order of the day for our lives. The Bible says,

Those who are led by The Spirit are the Sons of God” v.14. Read Romans 8: 13-14.

The language of faith is possibility through God. It emphasizes belief in God to make things happen. It’s not what doctors say (thank God for them) but it is what God says because He has the final word. No case is closed until God has spoken. The good news is that God masters in proving experts wrong. Therefore, Now that you are in faith, God can bypass what the economy experts say to lift you up beyond even your own imagination.

Gideon said his family was poor in Manasseh and he was the least in his family. In other words, even the poor were calling Gideon poor. But the Lord said, go in this your might (means Commander that can not be defeated by any army) for I will be with you. Since God has spoken, the dreaded army of the Midianites could not withstand the army of Israel under Gideon’s Command! How many were they? Out of his own chosen 32,000 soldiers, God used only 300 of them. Did they even fight? They only went to gather the spoil. Thereafter, even the rich were calling Gideon blessed.  Our God masters in lifting men from dunghill and set them among princes. Ps. 113:7-8.

Mephibosheth was living in LoDebar (unpastured land or desolate land). But his name means ‘destroying shame’. He was crippled that remained alive in the family of Saul. But God lifted him up by restoring all of Saul’s estate back to him and David made him to also eat with him on the same table. David himself was Shepherd boy whom the Lord supernaturally lifted to become King over entire Israel . Isaac was going to run away to Egypt like his father Abraham Because of famine. But the Lord said, he should stay back in Gerar and He would bless Isaac there. In the same year and in the same famine stricken land, Isaac reaped hundred folds of harvest. That is what God can do to those who walk with Him by faith. These are just few examples of what faith in God can do in our lives. The Bible says

“For by it (faith) the Elders obtained a good report”. Heb.11:2  KJV.  

“This is what the ancient were commended for”. NIV.

Apart from living by Kingdom principles, we need to move by what the King says. By hearing God speak and following His word in obedience, the people of old obtained good report from the Lord. Hebrew chapter eleven is the hall of faith where everyone mentioned apparently walked by faith with God. God told our father of faith, Abraham to leave Ur of the Chaldeans, his native land for a land He would show him. After hearing the word, Abraham went by faith and God blessed him in the land of Canaan for his obedience to God’s word. Gen 12: 1-3, Gen. 22: 15-18, Gen 24: 1-2.

“Faith comes by hearing the word of God”. Rom 10: 17.

The logos (Written word) help Believers to train in following Kingdom principles and develop Kingdom Character. The Rhema (spoken word) is specifically spoken to individual or a group of Believers for a specific purpose.

Therefore, we should press on more to hear the Lord. This enhances our faith the more. It is what God says, that He will back up. Man shall not live by bread

(logos) alone but by every spoken word from the mouth of the Lord (Rhema)  Read  Isa. 55:11.  The more we hear God speak concerning our situation in life, the more we have peace in God coupled with assurance. If only you can develop an habit of hearing from the Lord specifically by seeking His face before taking major decisions (especially that which affect your destiny) the better for you and the less the stress. It is expensive to go in opposite direction of God’s will for your life. As we obey His words whether logos or Rhema, our lives in Christ will continue to count for the Lord.

He has called us out of darkness into His marvelous light.  1 Pet 2:9


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