“Jesus said, “The food that keeps me going is that I do the will of the One who sent me, finishing the work he started. As you look around right now, wouldn’t you say that in about four months it will be time to harvest? Well, I’m telling you to open your eyes and take a good look at what’s right in front of you. These Samaritan fields are ripe. It’s harvest time!” John 4:34-35 MSG
Laziness can only be among the lies that some Christians believe. We are serving a faithful LORD Who is astute in the FATHER’s service. God promise to bless the work of your hands. Deut. 28: 12. How come some people rely on gambling to make it? When we should earn money and not win money. Easy come, easy go. Prov. 13:11-13.
Brethren and friends, have a fruitful week. ❤Work pic 2.jpg
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