“Later on, a famine swept through the land. This famine was different from the previous famine that had occurred earlier, during Abraham’s lifetime….Isaac sowed crops in that land, and that year he harvested a hundred times as much as he had sown, because the LORD blessed him.” Gen. 26:1 (ISV) Gen. 26: 12 (KJV)
Remember, it is not about the famine, it is about your faith! It’s about who you know and who you run to in the time of famine. The Just shall live by faith in God. Mark 11:22, Gal 3:11. Some trust in chariots…some trust in Egypt for food, for help and for victory. Anything you rely on apart from God is destined to fail! Psalm 20: 7-9; Isa. 30:1-2, 31:1-3
It is not famine that will dictate what you must do, it is the word of the Lord. There will always be change in weather, economy and finances but, as God’s own people, we are not to react by these but, by the promises of God in His word. Despite the famine, God told Isaac not to go down to Egypt but stay in the land and would bless him. v. 2-4. Have a great weekend friends and brethren. ❤
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