Highlights of Pastor Wole Gbogboade’s teaching to the CFEM workers on:

# Moses home in order. A leader’s home should be in order. Exo. 18:1-7
# Effective leader’s life should be a testimony of God’s grace. Exo. 18:1, 8-9
# Your life and testimony should draw your family to your God. v. 10-12
# A leader must be sensitive to the Spirit to receive godly counsel. v. 13-23, 24-27
# A leader must be God’s representative to the people v. 19
# Teach them the word of God: to understand, to live it & to serve v.20
# Choose those who are capable, fear God, honest to lead others v. 21-23

Jesus Leadership Lifestyle. Mark 10: 42-45 (GNB)
# Servant Leadership v. 43
# Greatness by serving others v. 44
# Leadership by example v. 45
# Modelling humility v. 45
# Prayer life Mark 1:35
# Word lifestyle John 17: 6-8
# Obedience John 5: 30

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