Dearly Beloved! 
The Mystery of God that’s humbling is seen in the birth of Christ. The whole of mankind was awaiting His coming.1 Cor. 1:22-24. The Jews required signs, the Greek were after knowledge but, Christ is the power and wisdom of God.Luke 2:1-15. In God’s wisdom, The KING was in a manger among sheep. The Angels had to announce His Birth and location to the shepherds watching over their sheep at night.Matt. 2:1-11. Even, the wise men from the East though, led by a Star missed it on the way when they entered Herod’s palace but, the Star patiently wait outside to lead them to CHRIST.

LESSONS FROM HIS BIRTH: JESUS is the wisdom of God. Only God can reveal Himself to manAs heaven is far from the earth so is God’s thought far from man’sGod’s wisdom is foolishness to manAnything God wants to do always start small but, it will grow…He starts His own things with a humble beginningThough Jesus started in a manger, He had the last supper in the Upper room!Humility is the key to operate in the kingdomNow, His throne is in heaven and on earth in us the Believers and His disciples. PTL!
May this season birth a new level of revelation of Christ in our lives and may we be on the cutting-edge of what God is doing in these last days to prepare the saints for the second coming of The King of kings and Lord of lords.Thank you for your labour of love with us this year. May the Lord of the Harvest bless you immensely.
Wole & Azuka Gbogboade
God’s servant

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