Pastor Wole Gbogboade
Text: Luke 12:13-21
Many people had come to see Jesus for various things just like many of us seek God for diverse things. In this story, two brothers came to Jesus to come and intervene in their inheritance. He said, tell my brother to share with me our inheritance! Jesus told him, who made me a judge over your inheritance. Think of you going to God to ask him to come and tell your brother to share inheritance with you, how does that sound? That is purely a family matter. Secondly, if all we need God for is all about this earth, we are to be pitied. That is a miserable life.1Cor. 15:19.
Jesus then revealed the heart of a man whose farm yielded good harvest. In that parable, the man thought in his heart what he would do with the great harvest that God made his land to yield. In just 3 verses, v. 17-19, he mentioned I six times, my three times and myself, one time. In his heart he planned all for himself and by himself, he never mentioned God once! He never mentioned his family not to talk of helping anyone. Then he thought of expansion of his barn to store the increased harvest (good), in conclusion, he said, he would tell himself, take it easy. Then, he would, eat, drink and be merry. The Bible says, the kingdom of God is not meat and drink alone but, righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Rom. 14:17. Anyone who serve God in this way is acceptable to God and approved of men. v. 18. That is anyone who want to follow God must seek after righteousness, he/she must not live a miserable or mean life of living just to satisfy his stomach and pleasure. Thirdly, he must live a selfless life. Luke 9:23.
The Lord 4 things to this selfish man who is just carnal: v. 20-21
1-    You are a fool. Ps. 14:1. Yes, it’s only a fool that will plan in his heart everything for himself and nothing for God or to provide for his family and help for the poor. He never had a relationship with God!
2-    Tonight you will die, your life will be demanded from you.
3-    Who will you get what you have prepared for yourself. It is obvious that we must leave everything behind, the man never planned to raise a successor. Only thinking about himself. Prov. 13:22, Eccl. 2:18-21
4-    This is how the man will end who stores up things just for himself only but is not rich towards God. v. 21, 34
This is a great lesson to everyone who profess to follow Jesus. Matt. 6:33
Four sets of people were following Jesus:
1- Bread seekers: They were only following Him to seek bread. Bread could be food, miracle, job, healing etc. They don’t want the great provider, they only want provision. Yet, they follow Him.
2- Mockers: These ones were following Him just to mock Him. They misinterpret His word just to mock Him. Yet, they keep following Him.
3- Plotters: They were only following Him so they can use His word to arrest Him. They were plotting His death yet, they were following Him.
4- Disciples: These ones were learning from Him and following Him to be like Him. They became like Jesus. Like Jesus, they became miracle workers.
Does it not surprise you that all these groups form the crowds that were following Jesus in His earthly Ministry. Though many of the 1st to 3rd became His disciples with time yet, many still remained what they are till they followed Him to the cross. Likewise, many people are in the Church today for different reasons.
We must ask ourselves, why I’m I in Church? Why and how am I following Jesus? It is important to follow the Lord as His disciple truly. Gal. 6: 7-8. The Lord will help us. Amen!
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