1-      Thank God for open-door to the nations. Tanzania and Uganda is a Macedonian call and the Lord has given me divine connection with His humble servants in Tanzania and Uganda.
2-      Pray for merciful journey and safety to and fro Nigeria. Pray for my wife and Pastor Clement Alogbe who will be traveling with me for the program.
3-      Pray that the Lord will give us utterance to declare the mysteries of the kingdom.
4-      Pray that the word of God will be empowered by the Holy Spirit and will have free course in the lives of brethren throughout the program. And that a lasting work of grace will be done in the lives of all participants.
5-      Pray for peace and prosperity of Tanzania and Uganda and that of our hosts.
6-      Pray that the Lord will supply every need concerning this trip: spirit, soul, body, financial and material.
7-      Pray for our intercessors and those who support our trips.
8-      Thank Him for fruitful work in those nations we are going and the ones we’ve been to as well as those we will go in future.
Thanks for your prayers. May the Lord of the harvest richly bless you and yours in Jesus name.
Wole & Azuka Gbogboade
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