Alawiye Apa K’eji. Lati Owo JF Odunjo

Mura si ise ore mi
Ise ni afi ndeni giga
Bi ako ba reni fehinti
Bi ole la a ri
Bi a ko ba reni gbekele
A tera mose eni
Iya re le lowo lowo
Baba re si le leshin le kan
Bi o ba gboju le won
O te tan ni mo so fun o
Ohun ti a ko ba jiya fun
Se kii le tojo
Ohun ti a ba fara sise fun
Ni npe lowo eni
Apa lara
Igunpa ni iye kan
Bi aiye ba nfe o loni
Ti o balowo lowo
Won a ma fe o lola
Jeki o wa ni ipo atata
Aiye a ma ye o si terin-terin
Jeki o deni rago
Ko o ri bi aiye ti nyinmu si o
Eko si tun seni doga
Mura ki o ko dara-dara
Iya nbo fomo ti ko gbon
Ekun mbe fomo ti o nsa kiri
Ma fowuro sere ore mi
Mura si ise ojo nlo.


“Work as the antidote for Poverty”:
Culled from Alawiye Apa K’eji. A Prescribed text for Pry II Pupils in the in the 1960s, authored by JF Odunjo

Hard work is sure path to success.
When no one exists to lean on,
One would often come across like a sluggard
When there is none to lean on,
It is better to roll your sleeves and work.
Your mother could be rich,
Your father could have many horses in the stable;
If you rely on them,
You would be terribly disappointed, I tell you.
Whatever we don’t struggle for,
Doesn’t last for long;
What we work hard to earn,
Is what endures eventually. Your palms are your only family as your elbows are your only dependable relatives.
If people admire you today,
And you still hold to your fortunes,
They would admire you tomorrow too.
If you are also highly placed,
People would shower honor on you,
Let hard times come calling tomorrow and
See they will laugh you to scorn.
Knowledge is surest path to honor,
Ensure therefore to pay full attention to your studies.
If you see a youth who sniggers at learning,
Refrain from associating with such.
Surely an irresponsible child would suffer, and Sorrow awaits the wayward youth.
Don’t trifle with your morning my dear friend, Work hard, as time waits for no one.

Our daily recitation in School back then….promoting conscientious work, good morals and character in children to build them up for responsible adulthood & good citizenship.

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