“Above all else, however, remember that none of us can explain by ourselves a prophecy in the Scriptures. For no prophetic message ever came just from the human will, but people were under the control of the Holy Spirit as they spoke the message that came from God.” 1 Peter 1:20-21 (GNB)

The prophetic is never by the will of man; not a wish like raising prayer points nor of man’s desire. Instead, it is the Holy Spirit that moves man by His power to speak the will of God that is being made known to man through divine revelation and utterance.

“Whoever speaks must speak God’s words. Whoever serves must serve with the strength that God supplies, so that in every way God may be glorified through Jesus, the Messiah. Glory and power belong to him forever and ever! Amen.” 1Peter 4:11 (ISV)1495464_697700476927176_1553332756_n

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