KINGDOM BLESSINGS

Dr Wole Gbogboade

Text: Matthew 5: 1-12

Ref. MATTHEW 5-7: Teaching on the BEAUTY of ATTITUDE (Beatitudes) in Christ’s Kingdom.

The root of blessing in God’s kingdom is the first thing the Lord clearly spelt out, to anyone who would abide in his own kingdom. The world of believers came out from and has its own system and values rooted in Christ. They are parallel to and run contrary to that of the world system. In Matt: 5-7, our Lord explains the beauty of attitude in the kingdom and pronounce blessings on any disciple who would live it. It is the constitution, dos and don’ts, rules and regulations for living in God’s kingdom. This form the kingdom character expected from anyone who will be Christ’s disciple to develop. Therefore, when Christ is crowned Lord in our lives, these become our code of conduct, our behavioural pattern in the kingdom. Matt. 5:1-2

        (Matt.5:3-11) YOU WILL BE BLESSED IF:

1- YOU ARE POOR IN SPIRIT v. 3: those who acknowledge their own hopelessness but rely on the Lord for power, protection, direction, etc. God’s Omnipotence is acknowledged in their lives. They trust God as ultimate solution for their need here on earth. In God’s kingdom, any man’s sufficiency is not a virtue and self-exaltation is a vice.

2- YOU MOURN v. 4: being sorrowful for one’s sin and for those who are trapped in the sinful world system that makes them to reject God. These make you to go and preach the gospel so, they can accept Christ and to be save from their sin and eternal condemnation.Rev.21:4 Your readiness to suffer for Christ’s sake, to be willing to go through persecution, rejection, or humiliation for his sake will bring you eternal comfort. 2Cor.4:17-18.

3- YOU ARE MEEK v. 5: acceptance of one’s lowly position, gentle in your Christian living, irrespective of your position in church or in society. Christian meekness is power or authority encapsulated in humility. They couldn’t recognize Jesus among his disciples Matt.11:29.

4- YOU HUNGER AND THIRST FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS v. 6: The hallmark of righteousness is obedience. Isa.1:19, Job.36:11. Passion for righteousness connects us to God and attracts his anointing. Psalm.45:7.Right standing in God also makes you love justice, honesty and integrity. Help for the needy, widow, fatherless and aliens. It empowers you to run away from what God hates such as divorce Mal.2:14; Sin- Pro.6:16, wickedness- Isa.61:8, Zach.8:17, 7:9-10, Rev.22:18-19.

5- YOU ARE MERCIFUL v.7: To be actively compassionate; to help others in need especially those who can’t help themselves. Somebody who deserves punishment receives pardon. Mercy is daily needed for Christian living to forgive and overlook insults which the flesh obviously want to retaliate. Eph.4:26; Prov. 12:16 (NIV).

6- YOU ARE PURE IN HEART v.8: One whose motive is clear, holy, word based and whose intention is not sinful- not mixed up nor corrupt. Heb.12:14; Isa.52:8; Prov. 22:11. One with pure conscience and without ulterior motive is pure in heart. Such a person will see God; that is, understand God’s ways and the things of God. The Lord will reveal deep things or His secret to such believer; he/she will experience supernatural encounter: vision, divine revelation in the word, angelic ministry experience etc.

7- YOU ARE PEACE MAKER v.9: Those who actively intervene to make peace among people. Naturally, man either watch people fighting/quarrelling to know who wins or they take side between the fighters. But, God is happy with those who actively settle quarrel for peace to reign; not with those who enjoy quarrel/strife among brethren. Likewise, we have the ministry of reconciliation so, we can’t afford to watch sinners go to hell. We must actively reconcile them back to God. 2Cor.5:18-19. The peace makers will be called sons of God.

8- YOU ARE PERSECUTED FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS SAKE v.10: Suffering for the right course of the gospel is rewarding. People hate righteous living because it exposes their wrong deeds. For such people who are so persecuted is the kingdom of heaven.


Intimacy with and loyalty to Christ can cause people to say damaging things about you. They may slander or call you names and falsely accuse you. The Lord said, rejoice and don’t be bitter because, great is your reward in heaven.

Reading Matthew chapters 5-7 that is summarized as Beatitudes or kingdom character, one can not but understands that these are foundations Christians need to build on to fully develop the fruit of the Spirit. Jesus taught Beatitudes before HE began to demonstrate kingdom power. We need to emphasize developing kingdom character first in order that we may last both in standing as Christians as well as having a lasting Ministry work.

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