”Jesus answered, “Surely you have read this in the Scriptures: When God made the world, ‘he made people male and female.’…. Jesus answered, “Moses allowed you to divorce your wives because you refused to accept God’s teaching. But divorce was not allowed in the beginning.” Matt 19:4, 8 (ERV)

God took one rib of Adam to form an Eve. (male & female). God intended one man, one wife not wives. Not man to man or woman to woman either. Jesus told the Pharisees, because of the hardness of your heart (heartless), Moses, not God allowed you to divorce.

QUESTION: Must a Disciple’s heart be hardened? Are we Disciples of Pharisees or Jesus? (2 Cor. 5:17) Since we are Christ’s Disciples, each must cleave to ONE spouse. Pray!2014-09-01 20.06.24

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