God’s blessings flow with His command. God’s blessings are upon the family of God. As a couple, when walk in obedience to His command and principles, we attract His favour into our lives and our seeds. Amen. Gen.1: 27-28. 2:16-17

“But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.” Jer. 17:7. 35: 18-19. Luke 11:28 NLT
Beloved, have a great week. Blessings. 3fa07dc852e52c2e373d062e401b304b--inspirational-family-quotes-family-bible-quotes.jpg

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                                      Dr Wole Gbogboade5bc4abb3f1466d5276411c689868d7b3--the-dinner-dinner-table.jpg



Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house: thy children like olive plants round about thy table.” Psalms 128: 3 KJV


Every opportunity we have to eat together especially in our home or elsewhere, is a time of fellowship not just food.

A minister of God who always dine together with his family said, he was going to pack up his ministry to go back to secular business out of frustration. He announced it at the meal table after selling the idea with his wife, his intention so that he could work and earn to take care of his family. Then the children spoke in agreement one after the other. But, the little child answered with a question, “Dad, since you said The Lord asked you to start the ministry, has the Lord told you to close it?” That’s it! Dad bowed his head as he wept as he shook his head. They prayed together and he continued the ministry. Today, it’s a big ministry to the glory of God.

In another family, it was a boy who revealed what the mother had been hiding whenever the dad traveled. For some time, she would take the children to another Church whenever her husband went on official tour. But, when he was around, they all went to the family Church. However, on a Saturday evening at dinner table, the boy just asked the mum, “Which Church are we attending tomorrow?” Then, his dad asked the mum which other Church have you been attending! She had to say it. Thank God, they all started attending the new Church. Out of the mouth of babes and suckling the Lord can perfect His praise!


The family table is not just for food and drink, it’s an avenue for sharing the scriptures together with a view to disciple the children even as we allow them to share God’s word, their dreams and visions. There is ample opportunity to correct them and instruct them just like the time of devotion at the family alter. In a way, the family alter is for kind of formal training and teaching the children. While the family table is for informal teaching and training the children table manners, family ethics, through observation and sharing together. Proverbs 22: 6 (NIV)


Just like the saying, a family that prays together lives together, likewise, a family that feeds together, fellowships together as faith-family. It’s all about bonding with the Lord and one another. We should cultivate the habit of fellowshipping together as a family during meals at the table.

May our family be bonded together in The Lord as we focus in fellowship in the word and prayer.

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Knowledge is power but you need to understand what you know in order to walk in knowledge. Wisdom gives you proper application of what you know and understand.
Without knowledge, people are destroyed; without understanding, they are ruined. Hosea 4: 6, 14
Knowledge is good, understanding is better. But, wisdom to apply knowledge and understanding is the best. Prov. 4: 7-8. Prov. 24: 3-4. Eccl. 7: 12, 19. John 8: 31-32. 1 Cor. 1: 30. Col. 3: 16. Jas. 3: 17
Beloved, have a great week. Blessings. ❤


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Biblical Marriage:
Often, people prepare for wedding that will last about 4 hours so much but, they seldom prepare for marriage that will last a life time. (Selah)
In the kingdom, you have to pray well to know God’s will. Prov. 19:14. Prov. 18:22.
Then courtship without catching sin; share prayer request with brethren after your pastor and family have consented to your union.
God blesses what He has joined together! Matt.19:6
May the Lord guide, lead and bless your marriage with bliss and fruit. Amen. ❤12360309_198506593825003_7038565789059557958_n.jpg
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Jesus only is our message
Jesus only is our message,
Jesus all our theme shall be;
We will lift up Jesus ever,
Jesus only will we see.
Jesus only, Jesus ever,
Jesus all in all we sing,
Savior, Sanctifier, and Healer,
Glorious Lord and coming King.
Jesus only is our Savior,
All our guilt He bore away,
He, our righteousness forever,
All our strength from day to day.
Jesus is our Sanctifier,
Saving us from self and sin,
And with all His Spirit’s fulness,
Filling all our hearts within.
Jesus only is our Healer,
All our sicknesses He bare,
And His risen life and fulness,
All His members still may share.
Jesus only is our Power,
He the gift of Pentecost;
Jesus, breathe Thy pow’r upon us,
Fill us with the Holy Ghost.
And for Jesus we are waiting,
List’ning for the Advent Call;
But ’twill still be Jesus only,
Jesus ever, all in all.


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Family, Friends & Brethren, I only wish to dedicate my birthday to The Author & Finisher of my faith! He died so I may live! Please, join me to Thank, Praise and Worship The Only Wise God. God bless you immensely.
Sing with me:
To You Lord be all the glory
To You Lord be all the honour
To You Lord be all the glory
And adoration forevermore!

Thank You Lord Jesus Christ.33110858_1998640173524589_8382051101062463488_n.jpg

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As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead. Our work of faith by word of faith shows we’re alive! James. 2: 17-23

2014_08_03 The Just Shall Live by Faith

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